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Staff Digital Positioning Survey

Know Where Your School Stands

As educators we understand the importance that readiness has on someone's willingness to engage with a lesson, but often we overlook the fact that this applies to our staff, too. The Digital Positioning Survey is a diagnostic tool for your staff or school to understand where their attitudes and biases may lie. 

As we move further into the technology revolution, and especially as we transition out of the COVID-19 remote-learning phase, understanding how our staff's attitudes towards technology plays a large role on our professional development

Individuals may complete the survey and receive a report identifying where they sit in comparison to other individuals and the AITSL standards regarding ICT and digital literacy. Schools may complete a site-wide survey of their staff to understand where individual staff are positioned, and where the school is positioned to other Australian schools. The school report will also identify areas of professional development and continuous improvement.


2022 Initial Positioning Survey

This sample report details some of the collected as part of the initial Digital Positioning Survey. The initial survey had 225 respondents across three states in South Australia and shared thoughts and experiences of using digital technologies throughout COVID-19 lockdowns.

The full report provides insight as to where your own responses sit compared to all other respondents and can help in career progression, coaching, and practice improvement.

Digital Attitudes can also tailor the survey to your school, and provide a report positioning your teachers, and where the school sits compared to other similar teachers.

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